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Colorado's eBike Rebates

We are an authorized dealer!

If you're selected to receive a rebate, contact us and we will help you design your perfect, very durable eBike.


We are an authorized dealer of Biktrix E-Bikes!  After much real-life, tires on the ground, experience with several brands we landed on Biktrix. We believe Biktrix provides the best e-bikes for Colorado's varied terrain and riding conditions. Biktrix builds incredible, durable e-bikes and we would be thrilled to show you what makes them so special!

Interested a used e-bike? See below for available bikes.

Why order through us?

  1. We will talk through your needs and provide recommendations on which e-bikes may be the best fit for you.

  2. We will go through all the specifications of the e-bike you choose to make sure you have the best bike for you.

  3. We take care of the whole order process and are in direct communication with Biktrix from start to finish.

  4. When ordering through us, we waive the assembly fee, valued at $250. After which you can pick up your bike from our service location in Penrose, CO or we can deliver to you for an additional fee.

  5. We offer 25% off labor fees for all service for the first year, no matter the job. We pride ourselves in providing you local support to keeping your e-bike running

You may want to visit to check out their selection of e-bikes and then call us so we can help you get your new e-bike as quickly as possible.

Please note, we have most of the standard models of Biktrx e-bikes in our fleet, and we welcome you to come to our site to check out the options before you buy.


What we love about BIKTRIX!

Step Through Models

Mountain Bike Models

Off Road and City Riding

Fat Tire

Mid Drive

750 Watt Motors

Great Brake Packages

High Quality Batteries

Headlights, Racks, Fenders all Included

Unique Design and Colors

& Excellent Customer Service!


We currently have a green 2020 Biktrix Juggernaut Classic 9 e-bike available.

Class-2 e-bike

750 Watt Motor

26"x4" Wheelset

19" Frame

1500 miles




We currently have a red 2020 Biktrix Juggernaut Classic 9 e-bike available.

Class-2 e-bike

750 Watt Motor

27.5"x3" Wheelset

19" Frame

2100 miles


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