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The Rocke Advantage

Why buy from Rocke?

  1. Whether you’re looking for an eBike to commute to work, ride on well-maintained trails, or engage in some serious adventures - we have you covered.

  2. We listen to your needs, make recommendations, and help you design your perfect eBike.

  3. We review all the specifications of the eBike you choose to make sure you have the best bike for you.

  4. We have most  standard models of Biktrx eBikes in our fleet, and we encourage you to come check out the options before you buy. Call to book a one hour rental at the trail head or address of your choice to try the bikes out where you want to ride for $59/person.

  5. We take care of the ordering process and are in direct communication with Biktrix from start to finish.

  6. When ordering through us, we waive the assembly fee, valued at $100-200. After which you can pick up your eBike from our service location in Penrose, CO or we can deliver to you for an additional fee.

  7. We offer 25% off labor fees for all service for the first two years after purchase, no matter the job.

  8. We pride ourselves in providing you local support to keeping your eBike running.

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