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Rocke's eBike Service

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We pride ourselves on our excellent service to keep your bike running smoothly! We specialize in servicing Biktrix bikes, but we can service all bike makes and models. Whether you are looking to have your bike assembled, maintained or repaired, we are happy to assist.


We can pick up your bike, take care of any necessary repairs or maintenance, and return it to you ready to ride. Alternatively, you can drop off your bike at our Penrose facility. 


We regularly service bikes for individuals living in Monument, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City, and nearby areas. Contact us with your servicing needs so we can get you back on your bike as soon as possible!


$80/hour, one hour minimum, plus parts after problem is identified and repair is authorized. Diagnosing the problem is free.

Pick up/delivery service available: Priced as above, plus travel charge. 

For an additional travel charge, we can pick your bike up at your home, bring it to our service location, complete repairs, and return your bike ready to ride.

At-home service: Priced as above, plus travel charge

Depending on the need, Rocke may be able to service your ebike at your location. Common examples include: 

  • Brake servicing, pad replacement, and adjustments.

  • Derailleur adjustments.

  • Tube and tire replacement.

  • eBike assembly.

Preventative Maintenance: $95

We are always asked how often one should have their bike serviced. Our answer: the rule of thumb is once a year, but the frequency really depends on the rider, mileage, and riding conditions. Our basic maintenance check includes:

  • Thoroughly washing your bike.

  • Adjusting brakes, gears, bearings, headset and brackets.

  • Lubricating and evaluating the chain and cables.

  • Truing wheels and checking air pressure.

  • Adjusting the derailleur.

  • Applying dielectric grease on all electrical components.

  • Assessing shifters and gears

  • Parts not included.

Assembly: $100-200 depending on the bike.

Assembly fees are waived when you buy an eBike through Rocke. We can assemble your new eBike at your home (travel charge applies). 

Note: For those who purchase bikes through Rocke, we offer 25% off all labor for service for the first two years.

Google Reviews

qqqqq (Rick Thompson): Ethan came to my house and was able to resolve my ebike issues quickly. Very professional and friendly service!

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