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$450 Instant eBike Rebate

Save $450 with Rocke!

Colorado's eBike tax credit provides Coloradans with a $450 discount on a qualifying eBike purchase. Not all retailers participate in this program, but Rocke does! So, let Rocke help you pick your perfect eBike and save you $450!

Eligible eBikes

eBikes and eTrikes, with an electric motor that is 750 watts or less, which meet a number of specific criteria are eligible for the discount. Rocke will help make sure the eBike you purchase meets the necessary requirements.

Who Qualifies?

Everyone living in Colorado is able to use the Colorado eBike tax credit discount to purchase one qualifying eBike each calendar year. Rocke provides the discount at the time of purchase. Proof of a physical Colorado address is required at the time of purchase.

This affidavit is required when purchasing an eBike through this Tax Credit Program.

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