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Group Outings

Planning a retreat, team building activity, social outing, or other group activity? Let Rocke help you design a unique eBike-based event that incorporates the beauty of Colorado!

We know the region and can help you select the perfect location for your event. We have locations that work for everyone from beginners to more advanced riders. We can accommodate groups as large as 30 people, with customized outings running one hour to all day.

We specialize in eBikes, but we also have eTrikes in our fleet, making outings accessible to individuals who want or need three wheels instead of two! We can also provide a mix of eBikes and regular bikes if that's what your group would prefer. 

Give us a call or reach out using the form below, and let us help you design an exciting outing for your group. Pricing varies from $99 to $199 per person depending on duration, the number of participants, and the mix of eBikes, eTrikes, and regular bikes you require.

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