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rough riders


This is a wonderful happy medium ride between our Santa Fe Trail and North Cheyenne Canon rides.  If you only have a couple hours this is a nice option if you would like to experience some good climbing and get into the mountains.  It is a beautiful ride that follows the creek out of Bear Creek and then drops down through North Cheyenne Canon. 



Mueller state park

Mueller State Park, (one of our new trail offerings!) south of Divide, Colorado offers a delightful system of trails with varying degrees of difficulty!  A short drive up from Colorado Springs will bring you to this amazing place with very well maintained trails and amenities! 


Rocke Mountain Bike offers delivery of bikes to trails, which opens up riding opportunities to many incredible places in the Pikes Peak Region. 

E-bike exploration is unlimited with us! 




santa fe 


This is a delightful, relatively easy ride.  The distance however puts this ride into the Rough Riders category.
A gentle gravel 17 mile grade from Woodman to Palmer Lake.  This ride is so enjoyable, because you can ride up and enjoy the food and shops in Palmer Lake and then make the trip back to Colorado Springs.  Don't miss out on this fun low land ride!

Rampart Range Road

Garden of the Gods is an incredible tourist destination!  However, if you want to experience this area differently and away from all the crowds,
this is the ride for you! 
Experience this amazing place  from above and to the west! 



North cheyenne



This ride is on a whole other level!  If you want an all around exceptional Colorado experience this is the ride for you!  You will gain 3000' in elevation, rise to breathtaking scenic overlooks, go through railroad tunnels, ride over creeks all on a very historic piece of the west!

Old Stage


This is a special ride that transports each rider back in time along this amazing old railroad grade.  There are incredible feats of engineering and exquisite mountain landscapes all along the way!


Phantom Canyon
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