Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be in good shape to ride your e-bikes?

No, and yes! Short answer, is no, however general physical condition is required to be able to ride. If you have any health conditions that would be affected by riding a bike you should not rent our e-bikes. Our e-bikes have incredible power, but you still have to work to ride. The e-bike assistance stops when you stop pedaling and therefore there is still phyiscal exertion required to operate our bikes. But it is surprising how you can go far without being in super shape! So don't let a lack of physical condition stop you! :)

How old do I need to be to be able to rent an e-bike?

You must be 16 years of age or older to rent our e-bikes. This is due to our insurance requirements and policies.

How far can I ride on your e-bikes?

The battery life of all of our e-bikes is about 45 miles. So make sure you are going out no more than 20 miles to have enough battery life to return. This applies to mainly flat riding. If you are going into the mountains make accomodations for increase need of power to go up. I have found that 12-15 miles out in the mountains is about all you want to push it. Coming back down you are able to turn off the e-bike for most of the way and ride down without the battery on.

Where can I ride on your e-bikes?

You can ride anywhere in the city, but obviously NOT on sidewalks. Our e-bikes are treated like bicycles, so you can ride in the mountains where regular bicycles are allowed. However, please do not go on steep trails only meant for hiking or advanced mountain biking. No single track trails only double track. Good examples of trails within the city you can traverse are listed below: Cottonwood Creek Trail Homestead Trail Midland Trail Pikes Peak Greenway Rock Island Trail Sand Creek Trail Shooks Run Trail Sinton Trail Stetson Trail Templeton Gap Trail Woodmen Trail Foothills Trail Skyline Trail Rockrimmon Trail Mesa Valley Trail Please use common courtesy with our bikes. Please use the provided bell to alert hikers other bikers etc that you are coming up on them.

How and where do you deliver?

We have found that most people don't have the capability to haul these fat tire bikes. So we deliver to you! We can deliver to your home, Airbnb, Hotel, camper, etc for you to ride right from your front door. Or, we also deliver to the trail head. Many people want to experience a mountain riding experience! We meet at a designated place, you are trained on how to operate the e-bike and then you go on your ride. We pick back up! Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius.

Do you sell e-bikes?

We do! We now have a storefront location on 226 North Tejon Street 80903, where you can see a great selection of e-bikes in person! We are also a dealer for Biktrix and can help you choose out the perfect bike for you! We also may have some of our rental bikes for rent in the future. Stay tuned!