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We deliver to you!

What makes Rocke Mountain Bike unique? Unlike other rental companies, we will deliver your bike directly to the trailhead or address requested.

Looking for a Tour?

At Rocke Mountain Bike, we will help you design your own custom, self-guided tour based on the location of your choosing!

See the hidden gems!

Don't be limited. Want to see Garden of the Gods, we'll deliver to you. Want to see the hidden gems of Colorado Springs that most people miss, we'll deliver there too! We will help you choose the right adventure for your group. Since we deliver, you have your choice of numerous riding destinations across the Front Range of Colorado that would otherwise be missed. We allow you the freedom to explore the city or our beautiful mountains.





MOUNTAIN/DAY RIDE - Starting at $149

Call/text or email for multi-day and group rates!

If you are interested in using a bike trailer for your experience, let us know. We also rent bike trailers!

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Which e-bike is for you?

We offer two different riding styles of e-bikes for your comfort:

Step Through


Mountain Bike

 The Step Through style is an upright cruising position with a u-shaped handle, designed for optimal comfort.

  The Mountain Bike style has you swing your leg over and lean over the bike with a straight handlebar, designed for uphill climbs.

When booking your rental, you will have the opportunity to state your preference!

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