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Life is Better on a Bike

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am the Owner/Manager & Deliverer for Rock(e) Mountain Bike!  I am so excited to share with all of you riders the joys of the E-Bike!  

First let me tell you a little bit about how this rental offering came about!  See this blog post for a further great story of how it all started.  I grew up as a flat lander in Southeastern Wyoming and for a time in Southern Arizona.  However, I was more accustomed to the horseback saddle rather than the bike saddle.  It wasn't until 2016, a year after a move to the Springs and a trying separation/divorce did I start riding a bike.  The bike became a source of healing and expansion for this single mom of three beautiful kids!  It was something about the open road and that steep mountain, which challenged my dedication and perseverance.  I biked up and down Cheyenne Mountain day in and day out, a mountain Olympians of our great city train on.  It started to build a confidence in me I had long lost for a time in my life.  The bike in combination with gaining crazy elevations causes you on some days to throw your bike down, scream and cry and other days you ride to the summit and shout with glee, sweat pouring, so proud of your accomplishment!


Riding like this is wonderful and commendable, but it takes time and commitment.  Not all of us can or have the desire to ride like an Olympian and so... enter the e-bike!  Technology has taken the simple engineering of the bicycle and transformed it into a form of transportation enabling one to ride more often, ride farther and gain higher elevations!  I fell in love with the e-bike after I realized I could adjust the difficulty and cause it not only to be fun but also still a wonderful source of exercise.  However, I can go much greater distances in much shorter amounts of time and traverse all terrains.  I was sold!  E-bikes get you on a bike, it is simple as that!


I hope everyone who rents one of our e-bikes loves their experience and enjoys a different perspective of this city and its glorious mountains!

So go out and explore and have fun!

From my family to yours!




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